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What is synchronization?

Synchronization is the way the device is timed to be in step with the clock (the heart beat).
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What is Synchronous?

to explain synchronous is to plainly state that 10 horses will go through a gate one at the time as the gate open and closes that is putting in layman's language. In electroni ( Full Answer )
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What is a synchronizer?

A synchronizer is a device that indicates whether two periodicmotions are synchronous. In the field of electrical engineering,synchronization is an important concept in the fi ( Full Answer )
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What is synchronize?

To make one thing exactly simultaneous with a complementary thing (sound with motion in a movie; a watch with a clock; a laptop computer with a desk top computer).
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How is synchronization provided for synchronous transmission?

There are two different possible way to set up synchronization for a synchronous transmission. First way is set up a separate clock line between transmitters and receiver but ( Full Answer )
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What can you synchronize?

i am using samsung monte,when i am synchronising ,they used to write profile name,sync ceategory etc.i dnt knw that.what will i do?
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Why are synchronous generators called synchronous?

Because they rotate at synchronous speed, the speed which is fixed by supply frequency & no. of poles. This speed is independent of load connected to it. Synchronous speed ( Full Answer )
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How do youelectrical synchronize?

You synchronize a generator to the grid by matching voltage and phase. Usually, but this depends on the particular system, you bring the generator's voltage to slightly higher ( Full Answer )
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What is synchronous reactance?

Synchronous Reactance (in a generator analysis domain) is and equivalent series per-phase inductance term (think per-phase winding resistance) and is mainly composed of the ma ( Full Answer )
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Can you synchronize a class?

No. If someone refers to a "synchronized class," they are generally talking about a class in which all methods are thread-safe.