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What is integrated?

Integrated is creating, applying or mixing two methods together to  build a larger base. For example, two marketing campaigns can be  used to maximize sales.
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How do you do integrals?

You'll want to understand the different techniques for different types of integrals. For instance, simple polynomials can be integrated very easily, whereas a product of funct (MORE)

How is synchronization provided for synchronous transmission?

  There are two different possible way to set up synchronization for a synchronous transmission. First way is set up a separate clock line between transmitters and receive (MORE)

What is synchronous orbit?

  A synchronous orbit is an orbit whose period is the same as the period of rotation of the parent body. If the orbit is circular, the orbiting body remains above the same (MORE)

What is synchronous condenser?

A synchronous condenser is physically an electric generator/motor without a mechanical power source. Electrically a synchronous condenser changes the timing between rise and (MORE)

What is the difference multimedia and interactive multimedia?

Multimedia may be broadly divided into two categories ¢ Linear ¢ Non-linear (Interactive) Linear Multimedia Linear active content progresses without any navigational (MORE)
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What does Synchronized swimming do?

Synchronized swimming is when 2 or more people doing the exact same moves in the water at the exact same time and there is also synchronized diving, which is when 2 people do (MORE)