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What is syncopation?

  It's a stress on a normally unstressed beat, or a missing beat where a stressed one would normally be expected.
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What is vasovagal syncope?

I have vasovagal. Its fainting. I faint when i see blood and its horrible. Its not a good thing too have. There is much more to vasovagal syncope than stated above. What is st (MORE)

What are syncopated notes?

When we hear a melody, we naturally fit it into a rhythm where the melody fits a pattern, and the strongest accents of the melody fit the strongest accents of the bar, usually (MORE)
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What does it mean to syncopate?

A musical rhythm accenting a normally weak beat. There is a song called Cincopations, "Cinco," because it has five beats per measure. It is pronouced "syncopations," because p (MORE)

What is syncopation in jazz?

Syncopation is when a change of accent occurs in music, such as the main beat falling on the off-beat, rather than at the beginning of a bar of music. The strong beat falls on (MORE)

What does syncope mean?

Syncope can mean a temporary loss of consciousness, passing out, or  fainting from insufficient flow of blood to the brain.   Syncope can also mean the loss of one or mor (MORE)