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What is Synergism?

When two drugs are combined and have a greater effect than what was expected. i do not know
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What is it synergism?

drug synergism is when you mix together two or more drugs, such as wine, beer, pills, crap, and pot. when any of these drugs mix with another you get very high and results cou ( Full Answer )
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What is drug synergism?

Synergism, in reference to drugs, means that one drug, Tylenol for instance, has the usual pain relief effect. Another drug like Oxycodone, also has the usual pain relief effe ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of synergize?

That is a word that means "Teamwork" and allows consultants to charge lots of money.
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Is synergism the mixing of drugs and alcohol?

No, it always depends of the concerned drug... Some interaction between drugs and alcohol are because of toxic metabolites, others are because of synergism in side effects, ot ( Full Answer )
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What is another medical term for synergism?

Synergism, or the process of working together, is often times applied to muscles in the body of an organism that have origins and insertions which allow for them to contract a ( Full Answer )
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Synergism occurs when?

It refers to when two or more substances, when combined, produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts