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What are the differences between Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod?

Vaguely put, the Wisconsin Synod tends to be more conservative than the Missouri Synod. The core differences stem from differing views of what defines "confessional fellowship (MORE)
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Why did Dracula go to Whitby?

Bran Stoker, who wrote Dracula holidayed in Whitby, and it is thought he drew inspiration from Whitby Abbey and Whitby for his book. In the book Dracula is shipwrecked at Whit (MORE)
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Why is a sidereal month and a synodic month not the same length?

Synodic comes from the Latin word synod meaning "meeting" so the moon has to "meet" with the sun every new moon. A synodic month takes 29 1/2 days A Sidereal month takes onl (MORE)

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