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What is a Whitby jet?

During the Jurassic period, over a 180 million years ago, when the Whitby area was covered in warm tropical waters, and the river deltas brought down the fallen Monkey-Puzzle (MORE)

Why is whitby called whitby?

Whitby was originally called Streanoehealh. It was changed after  the Synod of Whitby happened there. After being destroyed and  re-founded, it was re-named Whitby after tha (MORE)

What are the differences between Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod?

Vaguely put, the Wisconsin Synod tends to be more conservative than the Missouri Synod. The core differences stem from differing views of what defines "confessional fellowship (MORE)

What is the Missouri Synod as it relates to the Lutheran Church?

The Missouri Synod is actually a separate denomination from other Lutheran denominations, despite the use of the word "synod" in its name. The Missouri Synod is extremely cons (MORE)
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Why did Dracula come to whitby?

dracula fell in love with a girl who was a nun the nun was punished for falling in love with a man like dracula and was trapped in whitby abbey she died and dracula killed som (MORE)
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What happened at the synod of whitby?

One of the things that was decided at the Synod of Whitby was the date for Easter.
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What is the plural for the name Whitby?

The plural of the surname would be Whitbys. Where it might not be  clear that the name is Whitby, not Whitbys, use "Whitby family"  instead.
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