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What is an example of inverted syntax?

First off, you must know what inverted syntax specifically is:   Inverted Syntax means reversing the normal word order of a  sentence.     Example:    Wh (MORE)

Why is syntax important for elt?

If by ELT you mean "English Language Teaching," then syntax is important because the structure of a sentence gives it meaning. Two sentences can be similar in the words it use (MORE)

What is syntax Is command?

The 'ls' command has many switches and options, especially depending on which version of Unix or Linux you are talking about. The best way to find out is to try either: man (MORE)

Relationship between Syntax and semantics?

The short story is that syntax means "word order" and semantics means "meaning": Word order affects meaning. Note: Dogs bites man. Man bites dog.   The long story is that t (MORE)

What is definition of syntax?

Syntax is the discipline that examines the rules of a language that dictate how the various parts of sentences go together. While morphology looks at how the smallest linguist (MORE)

What is Latinate syntax?

A Latinate syntax refers to the set of the structured text with a  fixed format that has semantic content in Latin. The syntax errors  on the other hand refers to the spelli (MORE)

What is syntax in php?

We can use php tags in different ways. OR This tag will not work when we using editors such as macromedia dreamweaver. OR < script language="php"> //php code (MORE)

How do you display a border in a CSS syntax?

In CSS syntax, you can control the display of a border through many different properties depending on your needs. Properties that control the border include: border, border-to (MORE)

What is the syntax for if statement in visual basic?

The basic structure of an IF statement in visual basic is as follows, including the ElseIf statement which allows you to nest IF statements far more easily than writing out th (MORE)