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Define Syntax Error in computer?

Syntax error is a kind of error which occurs due to spelling, grammar, and rules violation.Syntax errors in computer programming happen during the process of writing code to r (MORE)

Difference between syntax error and runtime error?

Syntax error: The error which are only caught by compilers are the syntax error.For example-missing of semicolon at the termination of statement. Run time error: The errors (MORE)

What is the difference between a Syntax Error a Logic Error and an Execution Error in a program's code?

Answer: Syntax Error - Occurs when the code isn't formatted or typed correctly. i.e. In python, typing If instead of if because it only recognizes lowercase. Logical Error (MORE)

What are the Differences between syntax and semantic error?

Syntax Error: error due to missing colon, semicolon, parenthesis, etc. Syntax is the way in which we construct sentences by following principles and rules. Example: In C++, i (MORE)

When does Syntax error occur?

In computer programming, 'Syntax' is a set of rules defined to write a source code. The compiler will check the syntax during the syntax analysis (parsing) phase of compilatio (MORE)

What is the difference between a Syntax Error and Logic Error?

  A syntax error means that a language was used incorrectly: if you forget to put certain symbols in source code, the machine will not be able to read it. A logic error me (MORE)

Is an infinite loop an example of a syntax error?

No. A syntax error is a statement that fails to compile. Infinite loops are simply loops for which the number of iterations is unknown. However, all loops, whether counted loo (MORE)

Difference between syntax error and execution error?

Syntax error is when something is wrong with how a code is written.  An execution error occurs when the program comes up to something  that it cannot handle because it does (MORE)

What is the differences between a logical error and syntax error?

Syntax errors are compile time errors while logic errors are  runtime errors. A syntax error is essentially a statement that  makes no sense to the compiler, such that the p (MORE)