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What are programming language and program coding?

programming language is just kind of a different language that we use to communicate with other , in same way we use these language to communicate with machine . Programming (MORE)

Why syntax is important in English as a second language?

Syntax refers to the rules on how words are arranged. In any  language, this is important to learn, as the order of words can  sometimes change the meaning of a sentence, or (MORE)

What is meant by syntax rules of programming language and a natural language?

Syntax is defined as a set of rules governing how a language is structured, and the relationships between words,   Just as in English     * we don't put an adjective (MORE)

What Is Programming Language?

A set of rules (code) for instructing a computer to perform  specific tasks (like make a web-page, write a program, add two  numbers). Examples include HTML, C++, Java, Fort (MORE)

C program to check a for loop syntax?

//PROGRAM TO CHECK SYNTAX OF for STATEMENT #include #include #include #include void main() { FILE *fp1,*fp2; char a[100],ch,b[50]; int col=0,i=0,bra1=0,bra2=0,flag=0; clrscr() (MORE)

What can you do with programming languages?

Everything that you can see done on a computer, from playing games, using webpages, or even clicking icons on your desktop. Programming languages can be used to create progr (MORE)