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What is the best synthesizer?

    Alesis Andromeda - Probably the best modern analogue synth   Virus TI - the most advanced modern non analogue synth   Moog Minimoog - the classic analogue sy (MORE)
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Proteins are synthesized in?

Proteins are synthesized within the ribosomes, which are a part of  the rough endoplasmic reticulum, or RER. The RNA works with the  ribosomes during the translation process (MORE)
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Do amino acids synthesize proteins?

Amino acids are not what synthesize proteins. Amino acids are reactants in the process of protein synthesis. Amino acids are bound together by peptide bonds at the ribosome. T (MORE)

How is cyclopentamine synthesized?

  CYCLOPENTAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE   "Cyclopentadrine"   N-α-dimethylcyclopentaneethaneamine hydrochloride   CAS No.: 102-45-4 (base)   Raw Materials:   (MORE)

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Where is tRNA synthesized?

They are synthesized at the subnuclear compartment called cajal bodies... this is a high density place inside of nucleus, and was characterized for the first time using electr (MORE)

Is a voice synthesizer and input device?

No, a voice synthesizer is an output device. An input device is anything that accepts information, these include keyboards, mice, microphones, webcams, ect. An output device i (MORE)

How is carbon synthesized?

 On Earth carbon is not synthesized, we have what we have.  In the Sun carbon is not synthesized.  In red giant stars carbon is synthesized by nuclear fusion of 3  helium (MORE)