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How is cyclopentamine synthesized?

CYCLOPENTAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE . "Cyclopentadrine". N-α-dimethylcyclopentaneethaneamine hydrochloride. CAS No.: 102-45-4 (base) . Raw Materials: . cyclopentanone (MORE)

What is synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic device used to produce a widevariety of sounds. Synthesizers can produce sounds that mimic otherinstruments as well as unique timbres.

What is the best synthesizer?

\nAlesis Andromeda - Probably the best modern analogue synth\nVirus TI - the most advanced modern non analogue synth\nMoog Minimoog - the classic analogue synth\n. \nAll of t (MORE)

When were synthesizers invented?

Elisha Gray (1835-1901) invented the first electric music synthesizer in 1876. He called it a "Musical Telegraph"; it had a two-octave keyboard and he went on tour with it! (MORE)

What does a synthesizer do?

A synthesizer uses electronic oscillators (or occasionally digital samples) to create an 'artificial' sound. Many have controls for mixing and modulating this to make unique t (MORE)
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Where are synthesizers played?

syntheziers are played in contemporary concerts by artists such as deadmau5, David Guetta, and Rocketcode. At one Deadmau5 Concert, it is reported that a live elephant was gut (MORE)
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What does 'synthesized' mean?

These are many definitions that I hope will help you with you questions 1. Relating to or being an instrument whose sound is modified or augmented be a synthesizer. 2. (MORE)