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How does a synthesizer work?

Simply put, a synthesizer is a computer which calculates mathematical functions and plays the result of those functions on an amplifier. It does not use pre-recorded samples, (MORE)

What is synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic device used to produce a widevariety of sounds. Synthesizers can produce sounds that mimic otherinstruments as well as unique timbres.

How are proteins synthesized?

Proteins are synthesized through a process called proteinsynthesis. This process has three steps. These steps beingtranscription, transferal, and translation. To allow this pr (MORE)

How do you use a synthesizer?

To begin with there is a source of sound which is an oscillator which can have many different wave forms which include saw, square, triangle and sine. Then there is the filter (MORE)

What does a synthesizer do?

A synthesizer uses electronic oscillators (or occasionally digital samples) to create an 'artificial' sound. Many have controls for mixing and modulating this to make unique t (MORE)

Where is renin synthesized?

Renin is synthesized in the juxtaglomerular cells of the Kidney. Renin acts on the liver to synthesize Angiotensin I
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How do you synthesize something?

Synthesis is mechanically or chemically combining separate parts into a whole. When chemically synthesizing a compound, the elements required are typically the smaller buildin (MORE)

How do you synthesize pyrazinylpyridines?

Well, to synthesize highly substituted pyrazinopyridines, you can try this method: under the premise of no pre-amino group protection, pyrazinyl pyridine can be produced by th (MORE)

When were molecules synthesized?

Technically the brewing of beer by ancient civilizations is a synthesis. Making Wine as well. So ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians (as well as many others) synthesized a (MORE)