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What is the best synthesizer?

    Alesis Andromeda - Probably the best modern analogue synth   Virus TI - the most advanced modern non analogue synth   Moog Minimoog - the classic analogue sy (MORE)

Where are carbohydrates synthesized?

In humans, carbohydrates are synthesized in the liver. The liver  breaks down the sugars and starches and sends them to off be stored  in the bodies cells.
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What is frequency synthesizer?

A frequency synthesizer is an electronic system for generating any of a range of frequencies from a single fixed timebase or oscillator. They are found in many modern devices, (MORE)
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Where are immunoglobulins synthesized?

Immunoglobulins, more commonly referred to as antibodies. - Immunoglobulins/antibodies are synthesized by plasma cells which is a specialized type of B-cell. Immature B-cel (MORE)

How is cyclopentamine synthesized?

  CYCLOPENTAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE   "Cyclopentadrine"   N-α-dimethylcyclopentaneethaneamine hydrochloride   CAS No.: 102-45-4 (base)   Raw Materials:   (MORE)
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What synthesizes steroids?

The endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes steroids. It also synthesizes  carbohydrates, lipids and is important for detoxification. They are  abundant in the liver.

What does a synthesizer do?

A synthesizer uses electronic oscillators (or occasionally digital samples) to create an 'artificial' sound. Many have controls for mixing and modulating this to make unique t (MORE)

What are synthesized elements?

Synthetic elements are unstable chemical elements not naturally  found on the earth. They are synthesized in the laboratory. All of  them are unstable and radioactive in nat (MORE)