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Where is Downton Abbey Filmed?

According to Wikipedia: "Highclere Castle in Berkshire was used as Downton Abbey, with the servants' living areas constructed and filmed at Ealing Studios. "The village of B (MORE)

What queen was buried in Westminster Abbey?

  according to the Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia there are Five Sovereign Queens interred in Westminster Abbey, plus the consorts and descendants of Kings. from what I kn (MORE)

What is the songlist for The Beatles' 'Abbey Road'?

Answer   Side one   # "Come Together" - 4:20  #* Lead vocals: Lennon  # "Something" (George Harrison) - 3:03  #* Lead vocals: Harrison  # "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (MORE)

Who built Westminister Abbey?

Westminster Abbey, or to call it by its correct name, The Collegiate Church of St Peter, is unusual amongst churches in England in being a 'Royal Peculiar'. This means it is u (MORE)

What is Westminster Abbey used for?

Westminster Abbey is a church in Westminster, London, England. Coronations and royal weddings are typically held at Westminster Abbey, and the church also serves as a burial p (MORE)

When should the word abbey be capitalized?

The common noun 'abbey', a general word for a convent or  monastery, or a church that once belonged to an abbey, is  capitalized only when it is the first word in a sentence (MORE)