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How is a syringe used?

Tie off with a tourniquette .... Smack your vein till they look hungry... Draw up your liquid friend onto the syringe and blast off... Becafeful not to go through the vein...
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What is a syringe and how it is used?

A syringe is like a needle desgined to work both ways. It is often used to apply liquid medicine.. If you put the tip in a liquid and pull back on the part inside the tube, i ( Full Answer )
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Function of syringe?

The term syringe actually refers to the type of fluid that is inencased in the reservoir of the syringe. However, the function of asyringe is either to pull or push liquid fro ( Full Answer )
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Who invented Syringes?

Forms of intravenous injection and infusion began as early as 1670. However, Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood were the first to develop a syringe with a needle fine e ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with syringe?

binge, cringe, singe, hinge, tinge? cringe....... pinch......its poetic license do anything that basically sounds like it technically rhymes.... for words like pinch say syrin ( Full Answer )
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What does syringe mean?

Syringe means, 1. Noun,hollow tube with a part inside that be raised or pushed down to draw up or squirt down liquid. 2.noun,A fine hollow needle at one end, used for giving i ( Full Answer )
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What is syringe needle?

A medical instrument used to inject fluids into the body or draw them from it.
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Why do you flick a syringe?

Tapping a syringe causes any air bubbles to collect at the highest point in the syringe, and usually done when pointing it upwards. This makes removing air bubbles easier, whi ( Full Answer )
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What does a syringe have in it?

Most of the time, it has fluid for medicinal purposes in it. The syringe does the job of delivering the medicinal fluid into whoever needs it.
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How do you sharpen a syringe?

You don't. Syringes are meant to be disposable. You should discardthe old one safely in a hard-sided container so nobody gets stuckby it, and go buy more syringes.