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What is a CC on a syringe?

A "cc" marking on a syringe is a marker to indicate the volume of the syringe when filled to that marker. A "cc" is a cubic centimeter (cm 3 ). 1 cc = 1 cm 3 = 1 m (MORE)

Who invented the syringe?

Forms of intravenous injection and infusion began as early as 1670. However, Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood were the first to develop a syringe with a needle fine e (MORE)

What is cc in syringe?

cc is an old term that means cubic centermetre. It is now replaced by the term ml (millilitre). 1cc = 1ml
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What is a oral syringe?

Oral syringe is an instrument with the help of which a precise amount of liquidized medication (e.g. solution, suspension, emulsion) can be taken by mouth.
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What is an syringe and how is it used?

A syringe is an injection. It is a small tube with a measuring cylinder and a needle to eject the liquid into the body. To use it, you must pour the liquid into the cylinde (MORE)
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What does a syringe have in it?

Most of the time, it has fluid for medicinal purposes in it. The syringe does the job of delivering the medicinal fluid into whoever needs it.