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Which systems work with the Cardiovascular System?

I suppose the major one is the respiratory system, which oxygenates unoxygenated blood that the CVS (right side of heart) pumps through the lungs. The heart then pumps this ne (MORE)

What system or systems are the kidneys a part of?

one system is the excretory system. The excretory system also contains the ureter, bladder, and urethra. Excretory system. The kidneys filter toxins from the blood so that you (MORE)

What is clustered system operating system?

Clustering (means gather together) allows two or more system to shear storage closely linked via a local area network . Provide high reliability ( Its work never stopped).Asym (MORE)

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What does Whittaker's system have that Linnaeus's system does not?

Whittaker's system has five kingdoms, which Linnaeus's system does  not. Robert Whittaker was a plant ecologist.
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