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Are t-rex bones hollow?

Yes they are hollow like a birds bones. which indicates that a  dinosaur was more bird than reptile after all but some had bones  that were not hollow.
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Where did a t-rex live?

During the late Cretaceous, when T-rex lived, North America was split in two by the Western Interior Seaway. Fossils of Tyrannosaurus rex have been found in what was the weste (MORE)

Are T-rexes vertebrates?

The T Rex and other dinosaurs had skeletons with a backbone, so they were vertebrates.
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Does T-Rex hunt in packs?

Yes, but only the males hunt in packs, the females would rather hunt alone. Because the females are larger and more aggressive than the males. If they indeed did hunt at all. (MORE)

Was t rex a herding dinosaur?

The simple answer is no. The complicated answer is no, and neither were most other dinosaurs with possible exception of the raptor family, which tended to 'herd' potential pr (MORE)

How did the t rex hunt?

the t-rex wasn't a hunter it was a scavenger, which means it looked for leftover carcasses or waited for some other organism to kill its prey first.