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What does ta mean?

In Britain, ta is used colloquially for thank you mostly said by Australians. Added comment: Polite lot, the Aussies. And quick learners. Ta has been well used in England (MORE)

How was Ta Moko traditionally applied?

Ta Moko is a way of telling a story in an art form. The design shows what you have accomplished in your life this could be about your family or chosen line work. These are nor (MORE)

What is the full form of TA DA?

Terrorist And Descruptive Activities act   Terrorist And Descruptive Activities act   - TIGMANSHU   Full form of TA   -Travelling Allowance   Full form of DA  (MORE)

What does es tas linda mean?

Es tas is actually one word "estas". Ergo, estas linda is usually "you're beautiful". Sometimes, when one shows kindness toward another, it is probably "you're very kind". Dep (MORE)