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What is tactile information?

  It is information that you get through touch. Feeling a leaf, or feeling rain fall on your cheek, or even someone comforting you with a hug or a hand on the arm... these (MORE)

Tactile in a sentence?

The accident victim responded to tactile stimulation. His learning is tactile based rather than auditory or visual stimulus.
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What is a tactile texture?

Tactile texture is the physical texture or actual texture on a  surface that you can feel by touching. Tactile texture can include  wood grain, fur, or sand as well as a smo (MORE)
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What is the root of tactile?

Actually, it is 'Touch'. There is no easy way to say "Of or pertaining to touch", so tactile became the word, and like gubernatorial for "of and pertaining to the governer, ma (MORE)
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What is tactile cueing?

Tactile Cueing is the mechanism by which signals are detected by our skin and the sense of touch is used to provide spatial orientation and situational awareness in motion de (MORE)

What are tactile organs?

Organs that react to touch or contact. Get it? Tactile!? The skin is the only tactile organ we have to my knowledge. Cats and dogs have whiskers.
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What is a tactile signal?

Tactile signals are signals detected by the skin and internal organs such as touch, pain, vibration, heat etc. They are coded by mechanoreceptors which respond to mechanical d (MORE)

How do you put tactile in a sentence?

Tactile (NOT Tactical) relates to the sense of touch. "The patten of grooves on the switches gives a tactile guide to which is which."
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What does tactile corpuscle mean?

A tactile corpuscle, or a Meissner's corpuscle is a type of mechanoreceptor. It is a type of nerve in the skin that is responsible for transmitting signals of light touch or v (MORE)