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Is tai chi and Christianity good?

Yes, tai chi and christianity are a perfectly good combination. Taichi has its background as a martial art and can be considered to bemostly a sort of gymnsatic training. Its (MORE)
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How do you do Tai Chi?

You do not DO Tai Chi. First you must study the motion of Tai Chi, then after learning the motion, a series of moves, then you may start to understand why the moves are perfo (MORE)
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What is tai chi?

Legend has it that the Zen Buddha brought the combat styles of the Indian Warriors across the Himalayan mountains into China. He then started the forms, teaching them to the B (MORE)
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What does tai chi mean?

"Tai Chi" doesn't really mean anything. The correct western  spelling of this Chinese phrase is "Taiji" and the martial art is  "Taijiquan". It doesn't mean "Supreme Ultimat (MORE)
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How many tai chi moves are there?

  While it is true that there are a number of fixed moves in Tai Chi thinking about it in this way can be very misleading. When you first start to learn Tai Chi you will (MORE)
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Who invented tai chi?

Tai Chi is a practice that has existed for centuries. It is  believed that theories and practice of Tai Chi was invented by the  Taoist Monk Zhang Sanfeng in the 12th centur (MORE)

What is the oldest style of tai chi chuan self defense?

The origin of the Chen family style of Tai Chi Chuan was not historically known until the seventeenth century. There are five major styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Chen style, Yang s (MORE)

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