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What are the disadvantage of Tailor made software?

1. Can be more expensive than the ready-made one.   2. The software designer would take a lot of time to design the  software that is , it's time consuming.   3. Only (MORE)
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What does the tailor bird eat?

Tailor birds eat a variety of insects like bees, moths, flies, grasshoppers, termites, caterpillars, larvae and also a variety of spiders. They would eat some tropical fruit i (MORE)
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What is a tailoring thoracoplasty?

In technical words 'Thoracoplasty" means subperiosteal resection of multiple ribs to collapse the chest wall. It is a thoracic surgical procedure performed for the obliteratio (MORE)
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What is a tailor pencil use for?

a tailor pencil is used to mark patterns and lines on some fabric so the tailor can see where to cut, fold and sew the fabric when he needs to.
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Who are the predators of the tailor bird?

Rodents, cats, crow-pheasants, lizards and other predators prey on eggs and young chicks, causing a high mortality rate. Flying predators attack birds in flight.
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Do tailor birds sing?

Yes, tailor birds do sing. They make a long cheeup-cheeup sound  when singing. The tailor bird is native to tropical Asia.
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What is tailored promotion?

Optimizing Retail Promotion Planning and ExecutionCollaboration, Planning, Optimization, Forecasting, Advertising, Monitoring, Execution and Measurement Join Ben Pivar, Vice (MORE)