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How maths is used in tailoring?

Its used in the ordering of matrials, costing of materials, costing  of selling the garments, its used n the measuring and marking of  the garment patterns, and in the stitc (MORE)

What is the meaning of tailor made?

  ANSWER 2 TAYLOR MADE   taylor made means to have something made just to fit that individuals shape, structure, height .etc.   Answer   Tailor made, as op (MORE)
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What is a tailoring thoracoplasty?

In technical words 'Thoracoplasty" means subperiosteal resection of multiple ribs to collapse the chest wall. It is a thoracic surgical procedure performed for the obliteratio (MORE)
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What is the feminine noun for tailor?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses  gender specific nouns for male or female.    The noun tailor is a common gender noun, a word  for a (MORE)
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What is a tailor?

Tailoring is the simpler way to get way more flattering. Women canget a precise fit in tailoring made cloth. They can make themaccording to their measurements. Many tailors i (MORE)

Where does colonial tailors get there tools?

My answer will depend on which tools you have reference. If you mean needles, these would have been brought over from England or whatever was the starting place for the coloni (MORE)
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What is the opposite gender of tailor?

The noun tailor is a common gender noun, a word for a person  whose occupation is making fitted clothes for individual customers.    The noun seamstress is a gender sp (MORE)

What is tailored promotion?

Optimizing Retail Promotion Planning and ExecutionCollaboration, Planning, Optimization, Forecasting, Advertising, Monitoring, Execution and Measurement Join Ben Pivar, Vice (MORE)

Is it tailor made to or tailor made for?

It depends. To and for have specific meaning. It depends. To and  for have specific meaning. The Aussie Shirt Company is not just  another company across the street. In fact (MORE)