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What is a tailor?

Tailoring is the simpler way to get way more flattering. Women canget a precise fit in tailoring made cloth. They can make themaccording to their measurements. Many tailors i (MORE)

Who is Tailor Swift?

she is a country who has won a bunch of prizes for her songs and music videos. she has 2 albums out. sheis 18 years old. she came from reading,PA. she also is really tall and (MORE)
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Who is a tailor?

a tailor is a person who makes garments for women or men, usually made out of silk, wool, or linen. tailors usually make suits, trousers, and coats. the word tailorig means t (MORE)
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What are tailors?

someone who makes men and womens garnments like suits, pants, trousers, blankets, and so on. usually made of silk, or linen.
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What is the plural for tailors?

"Tailors" is a plural itself, therefore, the singular would be "tailor". Similarly, "tailors" would be the plural of "tailor". HTH Ex Semper
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Is it tailor made to or tailor made for?

It depends. To and for have specific meaning. It depends. To and  for have specific meaning. The Aussie Shirt Company is not just  another company across the street. In fact (MORE)
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What does a tailors do?

A tailor makes clothes - a gents tailor usually specialises in  making men's suits, trousers and waistcoats.
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