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Why did Saint Thomas More die?

Although St. Thomas More acknowledged Henry VIII as his earthly king, he would not accept him as the head of a new Christian Church(the Anglican Church). St. Thomas would onl (MORE)

Why was Saint Thomas Becket canonized?

In the Church of Rome at that time it was nearly automatic for any Christian martyr to be made a saint. A martyr was anyone who died for their Christian beliefs, which was cer (MORE)
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Where did Saint Thomas More die?

He was imprisoned in the Tower of London for refusing to acknowledge King Henry as supreme head of the Church of England (he refused to agree with the Act of Succession). He w (MORE)
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What did Saint Thomas More do?

  Saint Thomas More (1478 - 1535), husband and father and a Catholic, was Chancellor of England. When King Henry VIII declared himself to be Head of the Church in England, (MORE)
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What was Saint Thomas More known for?

Saint Thomas More is best known for his moral strength and  integrity. He chose death rather than agree to Henry VIII's attempt  to alter the Church's view of marriage. He a (MORE)

When did Saint Thomas go to India?

The belief that St. Thomas came to India originates in a 3rd century apocryphal religious romance by the Edessan Gnostic poet Bardesanes called the Acts of Thomas. Bardesane (MORE)

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What were the virtues of Saint Thomas the apostle?

A:   Thomas, also known as Didymus, was one of the  more obscure disciples of Jesus in the synoptic gospels. He becomes  more evident in John, where he is the doubting d (MORE)