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How do we talk?

Your two vocal cords produce the sound. This pair vibrates to produce the phonation or sound. Then your tongue, palate, cheeks and lips take part to give the talk its final to (MORE)

Why do you talk?

You talk because the voicebox inside our throat vibrates and makes sound for everyone to hear. The voicebox also rotates every time we scream so each side gets used to the vib (MORE)

How can you talk to them?

  Answer   You can start by telling them that you would never cheat on them and you can say I Love You!
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Can you talk to him?

Yeah you can talk to him! Why not? Guys are just people, who cares. Just talk to him as if you were talking to a friend. Not a really close friend but as an acquaintance. Just (MORE)
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Can you talk to him who is this?

TALK is not the verb to use in this sentence. And, the words really do make a question rather than a statement. I think you want to say, Can you TELL him who THIS IS? You want (MORE)
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How do you get him to talk to you?

Guys are strange in the communication area. If he's into you he will say as least as possible. (If he's smart) If your trying to create an opportunity to speak to him then tha (MORE)
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What can you answer but not talk to?

Phone?? You answer it but you don't talk to it as you talk to the person at the end of the phone line. The Doorbell The Door Your Calling
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Who can you talk to on this?

Who you are able to talk to about that will depend on the subject matter. If it is related to something personal about yourself, a license therapist is a good person to talk t (MORE)

How do you get her to talk to me?

If you like this girl, you should try and find out the things she likes doing. If she does any clubs or societies maybe join one or two of the clubs that actually INTEREST you (MORE)