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Do cockatiels talk?

Some have learned to mimic human words, but they do not understand their meaning. cockatiels CAN talk. but it requires persistance and a lot of patients, there are a lot of th (MORE)

Walking the walk and talking the talk?

  Talk the talk means that you make verbal claims about your abilities. Walk the walk means that you can actually back up the claims with proof of your abilities.   Fo (MORE)
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How does a cockatoo talk?

Humans form sound by moving wind over vocal cords in the larynx. Birds, however, have a little box called the syrinx further down in their bodies (in addition to a cordless la (MORE)
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What is multimodal talk?

1st: talk that has forms of written and spoken language in it i.e text and MSN language (abbreviations, acronyms, contracted words etc).

Can a gecko talk?

Geckos do not have the ability to speak, although they do have the ability to vocalize to one another.
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How do you talk to Allah?

At the end of prayer the Imam will start something called a Dua, this is when Muslims pray to Allah and can tell Allah what they want. They will finish this Dua by saying Amee (MORE)

Can buckethead talk?

yes, he chooses not to   Yea he does, but not often without Herbie ( a mask that he talks with on his hand). Buckethead sometimes in older videos made sounds, but he is (MORE)

Can bears talk?

I don't really know but in my case when i double click on my furry friend there is an option on the bottom that says sounds and I have the sounds Meow and Bark. So i don't kn (MORE)