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Is Rumpelstiltskin a tall or folk tale?

Rumplestilskin is a fairy tale--most fairy tales usually tell of someone of royalty (kings, queens, princes and/or princesses) that encounter someone or something "evil". Ther (MORE)

What are the elements of a tall tale?

Tall tales are part of the literary category called folk tales - stories that are passed along by word of mouth and sometimes written down.Tall tales are also known as lying t (MORE)
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Do tall tales have morals?

Yes, but you might want to see what morals they have before you decide to enact that moral in your own life   Additional view I fully agree on the above. I just like to a (MORE)

Is a myth or legend a tall tale?

A myth usually includes the dealing of Gods or some underlying nature or philosophy of the physical and spiritual world. A myth deals with great things, such as the formation (MORE)
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What is a tall tale?

A tall tale is a story about a larger-than-life character, either fictional or based on a real person who has exaggerated adventures and performs exaggerated feats of daring, (MORE)

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