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What is tame?

The word tame is used to describe an animal or something that isnot dangerous. It also means that an animal is domesticated and caneasily be trained.
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What is the taming of the shrew about?

This book talks about taming a shrew in which this case kate. Thefather says that bianca can only get married if kate gets marriedfirst, so to make it so bianca can get marrie ( Full Answer )
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How can you tame a budgie?

1. Sit next to the cage as often as possible for the first 3 or 4 days of bringing your budgie home . Talk normally, and about anything. Read a book out loud, talk about your ( Full Answer )
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Can crocodiles be tamed?

No, they are always considered wild animals, even when they are born and raised in captivity.
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Can a bear be tamed?

actually yes. i have a girraffe for a pet, and my bear is tottaly in love with gerrry the girraffe. my bear knows how to do tricks! It's soooo a ninja.
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How do you tame a chicken?

Chickens are domesticated, technically they are already "tame". But, if you are asking how to make them a good pet, it's fairly easy. Chickens can make great companions, a ( Full Answer )
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How do you tame your rabbit?

To tame a rabbit, you have to spend time with him/her. At first, talk to him/her quietly so that they get used to the sound of your voice. When they are calm, offer a treat su ( Full Answer )
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How Do You Tame Animals?

Why would you want to? I think humans as a race have decided that we should dominate everyone and everything and I personally believe this to be our downfall. Instead of tamin ( Full Answer )
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Can you tame a deer?

You could, but it`s extremely difficult. Catching one is the biggest challenge. But if it`s a young orphaned fawn, you can raise it. Although it will like you, it will not be ( Full Answer )
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How was Enkidu tamed?

a prostitute came and slept with him, and he was not innocent from human acts. then the animals denied him from thir ways of living.