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What does Tammy mean?

From the Hebrew, meaning twin, feminine of Thomas.   She values her freedom and has an unquenchable desire for knowledge. She is lively and loves to entertain. Definition: (MORE)

Who is Tammy MacLeod?

Tammy Donna MacLeod [b. August 3, 1956] is a Canadian diver. She participated in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, which were held July 18-August 1. She finished 14 in the (MORE)
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Is Bonnie Faye Todd dead?

Bonnie Faye Todd died on December 16, 2014. She was 64 years old  (born November 27, 1950).   She lived in Conway, South Carolina, where her daughter Crystal was  murder (MORE)

Who was Tammy Wynette's husband?

Tammy Wynette had several husbands but most notibly she was married to one of the most legendary Country singers of all time "George Jones" and most recently she was married t (MORE)
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What are movies that Faye Dunaway appeared in?

She became a star opposite Warren Beatty in the 1967 classic "Bonnie and Clyde." She was unforgettable as Jack Nicholson's mysterious love interest in "Chinatown." And she won (MORE)
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What happened to Tammy Faye bakers air conditioned doghouse?

it was purchases for $600 at federal auction by Albert (Albe ) Champell of hollidaysburg pa he was a conductor for Conrail and told me that he had paid $2000 for a trailer to (MORE)

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