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What is que tanga estas preciosa in English?

"Que tanga" is an expression, mostly used by people from SouthAmerica. It can be understood to be something like 'oh my god', butit's more vulgar. "Estás preciosa' is "you ( Full Answer )
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What is a tanga wax?

A Tanga wax is a form of hair removal in the bikini area. This formof waxing is named for the triangle shaped pattern created.
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When can you catch tanga in Pokemon pearl?

To catch Tangala in Pokemon Pearl, you start in Twinleaf (your home) town.. You go to the bottom of the town, and surf across the water.. On that 'lil island there are lots ( Full Answer )
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Can a guy wear tanga briefs?

yes they can. I have been wearing tanga underwear for almost 40years now. Before boxers became fashionable, everyone at my schoolwore tangas - that was the fashion. Both girls ( Full Answer )
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What is the distance between Malaga AND tanga morroco?

The distance between the above places is 558 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance as seen on the map. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary acco ( Full Answer )
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What kind of clothing is Tangas?

Tangas is a type of clothing that is popular in Latin America. The clothing itself is made out of donkey hide and fur. They are very fashionable and cool.
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Chicas en tanga is the name based on what?

Chicas en tanga is a slang phrase that is taken from the Spanish language. Chicas en tanga literally translates to girls in thongs.This phrase is meant to translate to a girl ( Full Answer )