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How do wires get tangled?

It's basically physics; If you buy a product and install it without going through the effort to organize your cables, what happens is that the energy under your desk area ( (MORE)
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Will there be a tangled 2?

Walt Disney has so far released no information about creating a Tangled 2, although they have announced they will be releasing a short film in Spring next year, depicting the (MORE)
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How do you tangle wool?

If you want to tangle wool (fleece) to make felt, you just need to wash it vigorously. That's why it's important to wash the fleece gently if you want to spin it. Too much act (MORE)
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What happens in tangled?

when the queen was going to have a baby she gets sick. the kingdom goes look for this flower that can heal the sick and injured.meanwhile, a women named gothel found it first (MORE)