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How do you get tangles out of your hair?

Buy a silky product and brush out slowly. It will add volume and make your hair shine like a copper penny! Also, use a Un-Tangler called Loreal Kids Tangle Tamer, believe it o (MORE)
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How do tangles form?

If forms when your hair rubs against anything pretty much or gets wet and you don't fix then that becomes tangled.
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When was tangled created?

It came out in the year 2010, and it took two years to make. Hey there! How's it going? Li Shang is awesome. Check out who is great Aunt Gertrude? on answers,com! It will be a (MORE)

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Will there be a Tangled sequel?

Disney released a 6-minute short, Tangled Ever After, which was a sequel to the original Tangled movie. Tangled Ever After premiered before the 3D theatrical release of Beaut (MORE)
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Does tangled has a studio?

Tangled is a children movie made in 2010 from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. She is a lost princess with magic long hair that was told never to go out of her tower she had (MORE)

Are dreadlocks tangled?

Dreadlocks - are small plaits in hair - typical of west-indian  people. The hair is not tangled - it's a few strands plaited  together to form a thin 'pony-tail. This proces (MORE)