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What is a tangos?

Ang isang tangway o tangos (Ingles : peninsula , cape , promontory ) ay isang lupa na napapaligiran ng tubig sa tatlong sulok. Maaaring maging tangway ang mga punong l (MORE)
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Why was the tango started?

The tango is a dance that began in the 1890s. It was developedfirst in Spain, Uruguay, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideobefore spreading to other nations.
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What is tango about?

At the heart of tango there are really two major aspects - each of which can be (almost infinitely) further explored: . MUSIC : The first aspect of tango is the music . (MORE)
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What does Tangoed mean?

It means you got covered in Tnago juice. That means you got served. That means you got shown up. That means theyre better than you.
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What is Tango lizard?

A tango lizard is a dangerous and rare lizard they live in Miami Florida and if u watch swamp wars they feature them
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How do you tango people the tango app?

In the contact list in Tango, friends with the Tango app installed with provided email addresses or phone numbers will have a video camera next to the contact instead of a (+) (MORE)

Is Tango a surname?

Any word can be a surname. A quick internet search will show that Tango is indeed used as a surname.

What are the count for the tango?

The Tango is written in 2/4 time. It is popular to count "slow, slow, quick, quick, slow" with the "slow" counting as one beat and the "quick" counting as a half of a beat.