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What is a tangos?

Ang isang tangway o tangos (Ingles: peninsula, cape, promontory) ay isang lupa na napapaligiran ng tubig sa tatlong sulok. Maaaring maging tangway ang mga punong lupain (headl (MORE)

Why do people do the tango?

Most people who dance the Tango, do it purely for the 'fun' or  entertainment of it. However, some enjoy the fact that by dancing  they are tasting a part of the history of (MORE)
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How was tango originated?

Traditional polkas, waltzes and mazurkas were mixed with the popular habanera from Cuba and the candombe rhythms from Africa mixed together in Argentinas Capitol
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What is tango about?

At the heart of tango there are really two major aspects - each of which can be (almost infinitely) further explored: MUSIC: The first aspect of tango is the music. Tango mus (MORE)
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What are the Tango Monologues?

The Tango Monologues is an album by Juan Maria Solare. It was released in 2010, and features 20 classic tango instrumentals. The most popular track on the album is Fragmentang (MORE)