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What are tangrams?

  Answer   Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzle patterns that consist of seven pieces. The seven pieces include: a small square, a parallelogram, two small congruent (MORE)
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What is a tangram?

A Tangram is a popular Chinese puzzle that is fun to create It consists of 7 shapes 2 large triangles, 1 medium triangle, 2 little triangles, 1 parallogram and a square. When (MORE)

When were tangrams invented?

The date of when tangrams were invented is unknown. But the first time people heard of the term "tangram" was in 1813 in a book. But by the time that happened the tangram was (MORE)

Who invented a tangram?

a man named tan was bored and had a square piece of wood he cut the wood into 7 shapes and started rearranging the shapes the shapes can be made into animals objects and peop (MORE)
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What is the purpose of the tangram?

The purpose of this puzzle is to use all seven pieces or tans to create a picture or design. The ancient rules dictate that the pieces must lie flat, they must touch and they (MORE)