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What is the Chinese fifteen piece puzzle - tangram?

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Who invented a tangram?

a man named tan was bored and had a square piece of wood he cut the wood into 7 shapes and started rearranging the shapes the shapes can be made into animals objects and peop (MORE)
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What are tangrams?

  Answer   Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzle patterns that consist of seven pieces. The seven pieces include: a small square, a parallelogram, two small congruent (MORE)

How do you make an isosceles trapezoid with 6 tangram pieces?

Place the two large triangles next to each other so that their hypotenuses together make the long parallel side of the trapezoid. Place the medium triangle between the two l (MORE)
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What is a tangram?

A Tangram is a popular Chinese puzzle that is fun to create It consists of 7 shapes 2 large triangles, 1 medium triangle, 2 little triangles, 1 parallogram and a square. When (MORE)