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What is cryogenic tank?

to store extremelycold liquidized gases likehidrozen ,oxyzen and nitrozen in a double covered tank with insulation and vaccum between the two tanks
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What is a extrol tank?

It is a brand name of an expansion tank or chamber used in hydronic (water or steam based) heating and cooling systems. One or more of these tanks are often necessary to maint (MORE)

How strong is a tank?

Historically, tanks have ruled the battlefield - whenever they appear, they become the focus of all attention. A tank has sufficient firepower to threaten practically anythi (MORE)

What are septic tanks?

Septic tanks are large tanks placed in the ground used to dispose  of sewage in homes that are not connected to a city waste system.  The sewage goes into the tank and is br (MORE)

Why are tanks called tanks?

Though the tank was being developed in many countries simultaneously, the first to enter service were constructed by William Foster and Company of Lincoln, England. Sir Willia (MORE)

What is an ageing tank?

An aging tank is a trailer fleet that holds chemicals. They are  called aging tanks because they can only hold chemicals for so long  till they wear out. Sometimes if the ta (MORE)
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What is a VIE tank?

VIE means Vacuum Insulated Evaporator tank. It used to hold Liquid nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in their liquid form. The tank is constructed in a way that (MORE)
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How long does it a fish tank heater tank to heat the tank?

It all depends on how much the tank holds and the wattage of your heater I like to have 10 wattage for ever gallon so if you hVe a ten gallon tan you need a 100 watt heater al (MORE)

How many tanks are in a tank division?

  During the Vietnam War, a standard US Army "Armor Battalion" (tank battalion) consisted of approximately 57/58 Patton M48A3 tanks. Two or more, but usually three, battal (MORE)
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What is the hull of a tank?

That is the main body of the tank. The turret sits atop the hull. It's called the hull, because a naval architect designed the first tanks during WWI; and they were, in the be (MORE)