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How do the reaction between tannins and proteins?

There are three types of reactions postulated for the reaction between tannins (or rather Tannic acid) and proteins.. 1. Tannic acid forms chemical bonds with basic amino aci (MORE)

What is tannin?

Tannins are secondary metabolites of plants, non-nitrogenous, phenolic in nature. They have a property to tan animal skin to convert to leather or hide. Source : http://www (MORE)

Explain the function of tannins in plants?

Tannins are phenolic compounds found in many plant species. Tannins deter against animal consumption due to a bitter taste and/or toxic consequences upon injestion. Phenolics (MORE)
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What foods contain tannin?

Foods that contain tannin include red wine, apple juice, applecider, pears and red-skinned apples. Some people are sensitive totannin and it can trigger migraines.
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Does Orange Pekoe tea have tannins?

All tea from the Camilla Sinensis plant contains tannin. So Orange Pekoe, since it is a type of Ceylon tea, it does contain tannins. Tannin is that bitter flavor you get if yo (MORE)

Does cola contain Tannin?

\n. \nYes, it does. \nThe info found there:\nFundamentals of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy by Michael Heinrich, Joanne Barnes, Simon Gibbons, Elizabeth M. Williamson\n. \nh (MORE)

What is the function of tannin in avocado seeds?

tannins are secondary metabolites produced by plants to discourage herbivory. High doses of tannins interfere with an herbivores ability to digest food. fortunately, humans ar (MORE)
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What are some other names for 'tannin'?

Tannin is a boy's name. Other names similar to Tannin would be Tannon, Tannen, Tannan and Tynnin. Tannis and Tannie also sounds very cute as a baby name.