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Are any teas that do not have tannin?

Real tea, that is tea brewed from the   Camellia sinensis plant, contains tannin because the leaves of   the plant from which tea is made contains tannin. "Herbal teas" (MORE)
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Does White Tea have Tannins?

Yes, white tea does indeed have tannin. All tea that comes from the tea plant which includes black, green, white, and oolong teas have tannin in them.
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Does green tea have tannins?

Yes. Green Tea contains polyphenols (aka catechins), which are a specific type of tannin. Green Tea contains more of these substances (30-42% of the extractable solids) than (MORE)

What is tannin?

Tannins are secondary metabolites of plants, non-nitrogenous, phenolic in nature. They have a property to tan animal skin to convert to leather or hide. Source : http://www (MORE)
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Does Orange Pekoe tea have tannins?

  All tea from the Camilla Sinensis plant contains tannin. So Orange Pekoe, since it is a type of Ceylon tea, it does contain tannins. Tannin is that bitter flavor you get (MORE)

What teas have the most tannins?

Black then green then red and white. You can detect this by the bitterness of the tea. Also, tea's of the same type can have different levels like gunpowder green has more tan (MORE)

What causes tannins in well water?

  Tannins are caused by vegetation decaying and leaching into the water supply. To know if you have tannins or if it is insoluble iron run the well for a little while and (MORE)