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How do you pronounce Tao?

Tow; but the "ow" is not pronounced as in the way a truck would tow something, but "ow, that hurt!"
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What is Tao?

Tao is part of the religion Taoism, based in ancient China. It is one, highly spiritual, part of the religion, and impossible to define. The character 道 translates as "wa (MORE)
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Definition of tao?

Tao or Dao roughly mean "Way" Or "Path" but it is a "Divine way" Or "Divine path" It is the begining of all things but not causes things. Chinese people has a saying that " If (MORE)
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What was Dao or Tao?

The Chinese character 道 is written in the pinyin rominization system as "dao." This system was adopted by the PRC in 1958 and is becoming increasingly the standard worldw (MORE)
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What is tao physics?

The Tao of Physics was a book that came out in the mid-late 90's (not positive on a date off hand) that attempted to draw parallels between some of the discoveries in quantum (MORE)
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Who is the Tao God?

Many Taoists do worship Gods, most of them being Chinese folk Gods. It's important to understand that in China, people do not simply practice one religion but practice several (MORE)
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Who is Tao Triebels?

Tao is a local Campbelltown identity. He is active in the environmental movement. He is also a musician/songwriter. By the way tao is my boyfriend. He is in demand, and a cuti (MORE)
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What is pakikipagkapwa tao?

According to Patricia B. Licuanan, pakikipagkapwa-tao means a general regard for others: namely, an ability to empathize; a sense of fairness, justice, and mutual respect; an (MORE)