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What is tap?

Tap dance is where you are wearing 'tap shoes' which have got two metal slabs, one on the heel, and one on the toe. You move your feet to the beat, and your feet tap. There ar ( Full Answer )
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What is taps?

"Taps" is another name for tap shoes people who are in tap call tap shoes taps! i know because I'm in it!
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Is there a tap tap game for computer?

Tap Tap is a guitar hero style of game for iPod Touch and iPhone. Yes, there is. go to Frets on Fire is the name of the computer version of the ever ( Full Answer )
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From where is tap-tap dance?

The sources of tap dancing include the Irish solo step dance, the English clog dance , and African dance movements.
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What do you do with credits on tap tap revenge?

Credits can be used to purchase songs. It is 100 credits for a two song track pack and 300 credits for a six song mini album. Hope this helped :) Jake Doran
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How do you win in tap tap revenge?

well you don't really win tap tap revenge all you do is purchase songs on the app and you play them..and you get your score on how well you did and there is levels of easy, me ( Full Answer )
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Will their be a tap tap revenge 5?

Yes, but not for a while yet. Tapulous are interested in exploring other markets, including PS/XBox and developing newer features such as voice recognition, meaning the TTR5 f ( Full Answer )
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What is tapped out?

If you are referring to the Simpsons app available on the smartphone and iPad, it is a free game where you are rebuilding Springfield after a nuclear explosion. If you are ( Full Answer )