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Why did the Tarantella start?

The Tarantella dance started in Italy in the 16th century, though evidence has proved this date debatable. It was started as a cure for the bite of a wolf spider common to the ( Full Answer )
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What does tarantella mean?

its an insect. a black, sometimes poisonous spider. It is not a spider - that is a taranchula. A tarentella is an Italian dance in 6/8 time.
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Where do you find tarantella images?

I found a number of tarantula photographs at Wikipedia which can , if you follow the links , lead you to a number of other sites where there are additional pictures ; see rele ( Full Answer )
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What does 'gay tarantella' in That's amore mean?

A Gay Tarantella is not a lady from Taranto who prefers the company of her own sex. It is a dance that requires great energy. And gay here has the old fashioned meaning of che ( Full Answer )
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What does rabbia e tarantella mean?

It means rage/fury and ""traditional italian music/dance": tarantella is also the rythm you hear in this number
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What is Summary of the poem tarantella by hilaire belloc?

the whole poem is about convversation about his memory about an inn they spend wich have cheap furniture ,muleteers who hadnt got a penny,wine tast like tar,and,people enjoyin ( Full Answer )
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What does tarantella mean in English?

The term tarantella groups a number of different folk dances characterized by a fast upbeat tempo, usually in 6/8 time (sometimes 18/8 or 4/4), accompanied bytambourines. [2 ( Full Answer )