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What is taro?

Taro is a plant indigenous to tropical regions. It is cultivated for its root, which is used as food. The leaves can be eaten as well, but the corm , or "storage area" at the (MORE)

What is the definition of taro?

the definition of taro is ......................... go to the dictionary or search on google and go find it yourself don't just rely it on this website whoever invented this w (MORE)

What is lidexhydroquinascorbic taro?

Lidex is a topical steroid (this would be prescribed to treat skin problems).\n. \nHydroquinone is a cream that lightens the skin.\n. \nAscorbic acid is better known as Vita (MORE)

Where does taro come from?

Taro (Pronounced tah-roh) and similar names are used in Tahitian and other Polynesian languages including Cook Island Maori and New Zealand Maori. The Hawaiian form of this na (MORE)
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What is a hawaiian taro?

Taro comes from the Kalo plant, and is very important to Hawaiians. They have many taro farms and it is pretty tasty! The Kalo plant is to Hawaiians as the buffalo is to Nati (MORE)

Is taro a plant?

Yes, in the same sense that "potato" is a plant. Taro is the word used for the semi-edible (that is: it's edible after cooking; it's somewhat toxic raw) tuber of several speci (MORE)
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How does taro reproduce?

they reproduce when a part of the corm breaks off and makes a new stem and leaf

What is taros in French?

"taros" is the plural of the vegetable "taro" in French. "tarot" is a popular card game. "tarot de Marseille" is the divination card game called "tarot" in English.