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What is taro root paste called?

Poi is a paste made when cooked taro root is mashed and mixed with water.
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What does taro taste like?

Taro can absorb the flavor of almost anything it's cooked with. It's like a sweet potato but a little more coarse. From my experience, it tastes similar to buttered popcorn je (MORE)
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How do taro plants reproduce?

kalo (taro) reproduces when a piece of the corn (potato like part) breaks off and sprouts a leaf which continue to make more and more, usually depending how you grow them, loo (MORE)

What is taro?

Taro is a plant indigenous to tropical regions. It is cultivated for its root, which is used as food. The leaves can be eaten as well, but the corm, or "storage area" at the r (MORE)

How do you get to Taro on AQW?

Taro Right, Left, Center, Right. Aracara Fang - Dropped by Aracara Escherion's Chain - Dropped by Escherion Strand of Vath's Hair - Dropped by Vath 30x Defeted Makai
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Does taro grow in Mexico?

It is not a common crop but yes, some communities in Mexico - specially of Brazilian and Chinese origin - cultivate them.
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