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What is taro?

Taro is a plant indigenous to tropical regions. It is cultivated for its root, which is used as food. The leaves can be eaten as well, but the corm , or "storage area" at the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get taros?

by goin to the safari zone and goin to the grassy area closest to were u get the fabulous prize
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What is the definition of taro?

the definition of taro is ......................... go to the dictionary or search on google and go find it yourself don't just rely it on this website whoever invented this w ( Full Answer )
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Where does taro come from?

Taro (Pronounced tah-roh) and similar names are used in Tahitian and other Polynesian languages including Cook Island Maori and New Zealand Maori. The Hawaiian form of this na ( Full Answer )
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Who is Taro Inuyasha?

If this comes from the anime then Taro is Inuyasha's father's name. Inuyasha is not involved in his father's name though...
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How did taro get to Hawaii?

when the tahitians discovered the islands, they started bringing over the things they farmed and taro; was one of them.
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Who discovered taro?

The most documented use of taro was the Romans, who used it the same way early europeans used potatoes.
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What is a hawaiian taro?

Taro comes from the Kalo plant, and is very important to Hawaiians. They have many taro farms and it is pretty tasty! The Kalo plant is to Hawaiians as the buffalo is to Nati ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Taro on AQW?

Taro Right, Left, Center, Right. . Aracara Fang - Dropped by Aracara . Escherion's Chain - Dropped by Escherion . Strand of Vath's Hair - Dropped by Vath . 30x Def ( Full Answer )
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How does taro reproduce?

they reproduce when a part of the corm breaks off and makes a new stem and leaf