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When was tartan first worn?

The earliest documented tartan in Britain, known as the "Falkirk" tartan, dates from the 3rd century AD. It was uncovered at Falkirk in Stirlingshire, Scotland, about 400 metr (MORE)

How many tartans are there in Scotland?

    * One commercial site lists 13,000 tartans available although this will include "International" Tartans so probably half this (thought to be around 7,000). The (MORE)

Who can wear your Scottish tartan?

Anyone can wear any tartan there is no legal restriction on anything. No one in the UK would produce a Balmoral tartan for anyone other than the Royal Family and there is the (MORE)

What were William Wallace's colors on his Tartan?

William Wallace was not a Highlander so it is highly doubtful if would have ever worn Tartan or a kilt. There are no pictures of him from his time and therefore the majority o (MORE)

What is tartan day?

  Tartan Day celebrates the existing and historical links between Scotland and Scottish descendants in the U.S.A. It is on April 6th. It honors the Americans of Scottish b (MORE)

The history of Scottish tartans?

Celtic tribes were wearing check and stripes patters for thousands of years but the earliest record of checked cloth in Scotland was the Falkirk tartan dating to the 3rd centu (MORE)
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What is a Alberta tartan?

Alberta Provincial Tartan The tartan was designed in designed by the Edmonton Rehabilitation Society for the Handicapped, and was recognized by an Act of Legislature in 1961 (MORE)

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What are the meanings of tartan colors?

it's not a color it's a style, red and white "classic" diner type  checked pattern for tablecloths etc most common but can be other  checked colors from family coat of arms
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