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What are super tasters?

Someone who experiences the sense of taste with far greaterintensity than average is known as a supertaster. About 15 percentof men and 35% percent of women are supertasters.
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What is a super taster?

Someone who has a more intense taste experience than the normal person when sampling food/drink. This is believed to be caused by an increase in fungiform papillae at the tip (MORE)

What is the name of a professional wine taster?

its a sommelier( not sure if I got it right as far as spelling ) but what I understand that it started from the middle ages (France of course) when not only they tasted and ch (MORE)
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How is Nescafe tasters choice decaffeinated?

NESCAFÉ TASTER'S CHOICE Decaf House Blend is decaffeinated using a process recognized by the industry as safe and designed to be among the best to preserve the fine coffee (MORE)

What is a royal taster?

I believe it is someone who tastes the food of a royal person, (for example, the queen), and makes sure it is okay, and doesn't taste like crap.
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Why sugar is more taster then starch?

The taste buds on your tongue are very sensitive to the taste of sugar, and not sensitive to starch. So sugar has a much stronger taste. Interestingly if you hold starch in (MORE)