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What is the tatar ethnicity in Russia?

I Am a Tatar, and was born in Omsk, Russia, and raised in Kazakstan. Tatar is a Russian Ethnic Group, of Turkic Origin. Majority Live in Central Russia.
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Are the Russian Tatars Orthodox?

Some Tatars do follow the Russian Orthodox faith they are a minority, but most of the Tatars in Russia are Sunni muslim.
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Where is tatars?

Why? Are you racist against Tatars and are going to go to Russia and go through ethnic cleansing? You racist jerk!
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Area where tatars lived?

There were a number of tribes but mainly Mongolia and Turkey and what is now Russia and Kazakhstan between the 11th and 16th Centuries
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How do you say thank you in tatar?

Rahmet !!! means thank you in tataristan Turkish, also you can say " cok zahmetler etmiseniz" tatars are Turkish and Turkey Turkish (tatar) dialect its Tesekkur or tesekkur ( Full Answer )
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What was the basis of the Crimean Tatar society?

The Crimean Tatar society was based on raiding the neighboring Slavic and Caucasian sedentary societies and selling the captives into the slave markets of Eurasia.
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How do you say how are you in tatar?

Usually, you would say: Halyar nishek (cyrillic: Халяр нищек)? If taлking to your friends you just say Halyar (informal)? "Halyar" literal ( Full Answer )
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Is this how you spell tatar?

The proper noun Tatar refers to Crimean Turks, orthose descended from certain Mongolian tribes. The common noun tartar refers to hard food residueon teeth, or to a sauce f ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Tatars and where are they today?

Perhaps you know, that an outstanding Tatar historian-scientist D. Iskhakov wrote in 2000: "the real history of Tatars, of the people in every respect historical, is not writt ( Full Answer )