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What is tat strongest Bakugan?

drago is the strongest inside. even if the Gs are low he has 1000000 Gs inside. ISNT THAT COOL?!?!!
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What is a tit for tat relationship?

Its never giving something in a relationship without expecting some  kind of payback in return. Like I will pick up the kids if you cook  dinner, or I will buy this lawnmowe (MORE)
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Who owns the yacht tats?

The super yacht TATS was sold in May 2012 (list price  $17.9 million) by Jody O'Brien of Fraser Yachts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  to an undisclosed party.    The TATS (form (MORE)
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Is tat a word?

Yes, tat is a word, "tat" is tying knots in thread and  using a small shuttle to form lace.