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Is tit for tat a selfish act?

Answer . Tit for tat? I don't know about selfish, but it is the first tool that many people use to persuade someone to do things their way. (e.g. If you do this, then I'll ( Full Answer )
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What relevance is tats to walkies?

Answer . Probably from tats, tatters (for babies' 'walkies' - no doubt from 'ta-ta') etc.
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What is the meaning of working the tat?

"The Tat" is a short con in which the con man fixes a dice game with a magnet, typically hidden up his sleeve.
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What does tatted up mean?

people usually say this inregards to people who have a lot of tattoos all over their body.
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Which art is older Tatting or Crochet?

Crochet evolved from tambour which is known to have been practiced in the 16th century while tatting evolved from netting which originated 2000 years ago.. It is clear that n ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with tats?

These words rhyme with 'tats': . Cats . Bats . Rats . Fats . Hats . Mats
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Can you get a tat on your hand in sc?

As long as you are of legal age, you can get a tat anywhere on your body that you wish.
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What about Cassie and tat cat 43?

They could go together if he was her type and he might have to many tattoos that's why his name is tat cat 43
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Is tat a word?

Yes, tat is a word, "tat" is tying knots in thread andusing a small shuttle to form lace.