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Define Tautology and Fallacy?

A Tautology is any logical statement that always results in True. Example, the statement - "Malaria is dangerous" is always true. A Fallacy is a statement that always result (MORE)

What is a tautology?

Needless Repetition is called Tautology   Unnecessary repetition of words consume time and energy for both the writer and the reader. Some of the examples of tautology, whe (MORE)

What is the definition of tautology?

Answer   Means " saying the same thing."   # Needless repetition: "Joe is stronger and more powerful than Ed."  # In logic, a syllogism that is true whether its e (MORE)
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What is tautology figure of speech?

Tautology is a figure of speech in which two words having the same meaning is used in the same sentence for poetic effect. eg:- For the dread and fear of kings.

What is rhetorical language?

Rhetorical language is any language or wording that conveys a meaning through its structure and form, in addition to its content. Obviously an author can tell the reader somet (MORE)

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