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Why is Tawhid so important in Islam?

Believinhmg in Tawhid is believing in the Oneness of Allah. Those who believe in Tawhid all their lives and worship Allah alone are true muslims. The opposite of Tawhid is the (MORE)
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What is the effect of tawhid on human life?

When an individual pronounces the testimony: "Ash-hadu allaa ilaaha illallaah WA ash-hadu Anna Muhammadar- Rasullullaah" (I testify that there is no god worthy of worship exce (MORE)
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What are the types of tawhid?

Tawhid ar- Rububiyah maintaining the unity of lordship.Tawhid al- Asmaa maintaining the unity of Allah names and attributes.Tawhid al'lbadah maintaining the unity of worship.
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Why does pride break the tawhid?

Because pride is the root of all evil thought, word, emotion and deed; it is the essence of separateness, and thus of duality. When pride is fulfilled, it says to its enslaved (MORE)
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What is the distance between the points -1 1 and 1 -1?

The distance between the points can be calculated by using the difference in the x coordinates, the difference in the y coordinates and Pythagoras. distance = sqrt((differenc (MORE)
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What is the concept of tawhid and shirk?

Tawhid means belief in one God only. It is the first and foremost concept in Islam. It also means to rejection to worship anyother living or non-living things as god. Shirk is (MORE)

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What does Tawhid mean in Islam and Qur'an?

1. Tauheed is the basic  belief in Islam. I Muslim must declare that He believes in Almighty  Allah (God), as are His beautiful Names and Attributes, I accept  all His Comm (MORE)