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What is corporate taxation?

C Corporation in the US must pay taxes on the net profits of the  corporation before dividends and taxes. The corporate tax is a  progressive tax and the tax brackets start (MORE)

What is taxation?

Taxation is when the government takes a certain amount of its citizens' money in order to provide services, raise an army, or other such thing.
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What is is taxation?

taxation is used to pay off for most part national debt on interest incurred by banks who lend money to government's' in other words they control the country. In Canada we hav (MORE)

What is a taxation?

When the government takes money from your income to pay debts and construction: taxes.
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What is deffered taxation?

  Deferred tax is an accounting concept, meaning a future tax liability or asset, resulting from temporary differences between book (accounting) value of assets and liabil (MORE)

What was the taxation in the 1700s?

Far less than today: a tenth of national income in Britain,  perhaps 2-4% in the American colonies and somewhere between in most  of Europe. Most taxes were on trade (tariff (MORE)

What about taxation?

Since nothing has been specified, it is assumed that the rates oftaxation applicable for a private limited company shall apply to aOne Person Company. Net profits, which are c (MORE)