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What is the significance of taxation?

the primary purpose of taxation is to generate funds/revenues used to defray expenses incurred by the government in promoting the general welfare of its citizenry. in most na (MORE)

What is the power of taxation?

It is simply the power to create taxes in order for the government  to get money.    In a more technical sense, it refers to the inherent power of the  State through (MORE)

What is the situs of taxation?

Situs of taxation literally means place of taxation. The basic rule is that the state where the subject to be taxed has a situs may rightfully levy and collect the tax; and t (MORE)

What is the role of taxation in development?

The role of taxation in development is controversial. Taxation provides income for the government which may use it to invest in public services or to distribute it as money tr (MORE)

What is provision for taxation?

The amount which is kept by the company to pay taxes against its profits is known as provision for taxation. Provision for taxation considered as current liability.
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Situs of taxation?

  Situs - a term used in taxation that can be generally defined as the location of where the taxable event occured. Especially important in State taxation here many states (MORE)

What is taxation?

Taxation is when the government takes a certain amount of its citizens' money in order to provide services, raise an army, or other such thing.
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What is corporate taxation?

C Corporation in the US must pay taxes on the net profits of the  corporation before dividends and taxes. The corporate tax is a  progressive tax and the tax brackets start (MORE)

What are the characteristics of taxation?

There are a number of characteristics of taxation. It is a  proportional contribution enforced by law, it proportionate in  character and payable in money form among others. (MORE)