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Why are taxis yellow?

Taxis may be yellow because it is an uncommon color for personal vehicles, so it it is easier to both see a taxi and to determine that it is a taxi. Historically There ar (MORE)

What is radio taxi?

  Radio taxi is a taxi that operates through radio signals. When a customer calls up the helpline number of the radio taxi, the operator communicates with chauffeur (drive (MORE)

What are taxis and kinesis?

Actually, taxis and kinesis are both physical responses to the environment of an organism. Taxis refers to an organism's response toward or away from some stimulus, like heat (MORE)

What is taxis in flagella?

Taxis is the directional movement of the flagella("moving tail"). So... the direction of movement by the prokaryotic cell is described in the taxis. Example: positive phototax (MORE)

When were taxis invented?

Actual cars called taxis (taxicabs) were introduced in New York in  1907. However, paid public transportation goes back much further.  There were horse drawn hackney carriag (MORE)
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Where can you get a taxi?

If you go to visit Hanoi, Viet Nam. You can take a taxi easily but  you should find some information about some good taxi companies in (MORE)

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How do you spell taxis?

The spelling "taxis" can be a plural noun for taxicabs (also taxies). The word "taxis" (singular) means an innate or instinctive behavioral response. It is also used medical (MORE)