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What does taxidermy mean?

Taxi is Latin for move. Dermis is Latin for Skin. Taxidermist is a mover of skin. Taxidermy is what he does. a taxis is a division of classification especially when concer (MORE)
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What is the phobia of taxidermy?

A phobia ois defined as an illogical fear of something so this illogical fear makes a person scared of any stuffed animal and sometimes even horns, etc.

How do you taxidermy a dragonfly?

Generally you make a killing jar. You put plaster of Paris mixed with potassium cyanide in the bottom, add water, and let it harden. You put a piece of newspaper in the jar. T (MORE)
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How is taxidermy done?

to taxidermy you have to skin the animal remove body tissues and organs and the brain then stuff the animal. then stitch it back up.

Do people kill a taxidermied animal?

Sorry, but it cannot be taxidermied when still alive. It must first be dead in order to taxidermy it.
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