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What is the functionality of TCP IP?

The TCP/IP model describes the functionality of the protocols that make up the TCP/IP protocol suite. These protocols, which are implemented on both the sending and receiving (MORE)

What is TCP IP?

TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) . TCP -> As the name suggests it transfers the data from one system to the other IP -> It takes the data (MORE)

What are the similarities between OSI model and TCP IP model?

SIMILARITIES The main similarities between the two models include the following: They share similar architecture. - Both of the models share a similar architecture. This can b (MORE)

What is Quality of service in tcp ip?

Quality of Service (QoS) is a technique to manage how well the network is performing. It uses service metrics to figure out where problems and bottlenecks might be in a netwo (MORE)

What is the difference between IP and TCP?

Ip is the protocol that figures out how to get data to a certain location on the network. TCP is the protocol that breaks the data down and gets it ready to be transported. (MORE)