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What is TCP IP?

TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) . TCP -> As the name suggests it transfers the data from one system to the other IP -> It takes the data (MORE)

What is the difference between IP and TCP?

Ip is the protocol that figures out how to get data to a certain location on the network. TCP is the protocol that breaks the data down and gets it ready to be transported. (MORE)

What is the functionality of TCP IP?

The TCP/IP model describes the functionality of the protocols that make up the TCP/IP protocol suite. These protocols, which are implemented on both the sending and receiving (MORE)

What is Quality of service in tcp ip?

Quality of Service (QoS) is a technique to manage how well the network is performing. It uses service metrics to figure out where problems and bottlenecks might be in a netwo (MORE)

What differences between TCP and IP?

tcp is the transport control protocol and ip is the internet protocol. tcp is concerned with guaranteed delivery of packets from source to destination, while ip is the proto (MORE)

What is a TCP IP and what does it stand for?

TCP/IP is a very common type of network protocol. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and is used to create data connections between computers. Primarily, it is a " (MORE)