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What is a TD in football?

  Answer   A "TD" in football is a "touchdown" and is worth 6 points. Following a TD, a team has an opportunity to score a "PAT," or point after touchdown. This can (MORE)
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What is TDS?

Technical Data Sheet. But I don't know why they called a community page that.... In chemical terms. .TDS is total dissolved solids...
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What does TD in TD Bank stand for?

Dominion Bank Started in 1869 in Toronto, Canada. Bank of Toronto started in 1856 in Toronto, Canada. In 1955 the two merged to form the Toronto Dominion Bank. A major b (MORE)

What is the rate of tds?

TDS Means Tax Deduction At Source .... Tax is the applicable Rate is to be deducted from the salary from the employee at the time of paying/ crediting the salary.... TDS (MORE)
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What does the td in td bank stand for?

"It stands for time deposit or term deposit - which is a money deposited in a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a certain period of time." That is so completely wrong it's a (MORE)
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What is TD Waterhouse?

TD Waterhouse is the name of the brokerage products division of TD Bank Finincial Group. It operates out of Canada and the UK. Products offered are discount brokerage and fina (MORE)