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What are teachers?

Answer . There are lot of teachers that are hired in The USA. Most of them are hired in Science and Mathematics. As for money which is a big issue for most of the teachers. (MORE)

What do teachers do?

The daily life of a teacher is; . planning lesson plans . teaching children with many levels of learning . standing yard duty . going to meetings . filling out forms requ (MORE)

What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person that shows and explains how to preform tasks that can later help people through their lives. Usually a teacher works at a school helping students between (MORE)

What are teachers for?

To relay information which can be used to get decent examination results, securing a decent job. Also, teachers are to show you how to read, write, and not be an overall moron (MORE)

What if there were no teachers?

The question speaks of something that by the nature of man is impossible. We are an inquisitive species, loving to learn, and we love even more being able to share it with oth (MORE)

What do you have to do when your a teacher?

As a teacher you do lots of things. Here is a few plan lessons do lesson plans and turn in to the administration each week collect all supplies needed for each lesson stand ya (MORE)

Why do you have have Teachers?

So we can learn great skills to help us make our way through life, obtain good jobs. Teachers help us to understand what life is eventually going to throw at us and and to c (MORE)