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What is teak surfing?

teak surfing is when you hold on to the swim platform of a boat as it drives and let it drag you through the water it is very dangerous and in some states illegal and called t (MORE)

Where is teak found?

Teak is a type of lumber that is very hard and durable. This typeof lumber can be found where there are a lot of different trees,usually in the forest.

Is teak a softwood?

No teak is not a softwood it is a hard wood it just has oil in it to stop tarnishing Its mostly used in garden furniture.

What is teak used for?

Teak can be used for almost anything. . it has a high resistance to moisture, so it can be used for any furniture, indoors. It does not corrode metal, and has a strong resis (MORE)

Is teak expensive?

Teak wood seems pretty expensive. It is valuable for its elegance and durability.It has a significant historical background. Teak wood has some natural properties that most o (MORE)
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What are the properties of Teak?

Teak is a tropical hardwood with considerable strength. Its natural oils make it resistant to wood boring insects. It is deciduous in the dry season. It may be plantation grow (MORE)
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What is teak made of?

Teak is the common name for the tropical hardwood tree species and its wood products. It is a large, deciduous tree that is dominant in mixed hardwood forests. It has small (MORE)