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Why does he tease you?

If someone teases you it may mean that he fancies you. If a guy teases you it usually means he wants to get your attention or see how you react. When he teases you, just smile (MORE)

How do you tease your boyfriend?

Rub his inner legs near the area. He should get a boner almost instantly. Then try strip teasing him and flashing him. Also makeout with him and be very touchy. If he has a bo (MORE)
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What if he teases you?

if it's your bf dump him if it's your friend punch him.      (different person) maybe, to what that person said, unless their just screwing around with you joking (MORE)

What if you crush teases you?

He probably likes you :) My crush would be weird around me.. Then about a month later he asked me out. It depends how he's teasing you. If he's being rude and mean, that's bad (MORE)

Is she a tease?

if she is not a gal as u wanted her 2 be and u think that she asks u stupid irrelevant questions or u think that she is trying 2 irritate u purposely den just understand that (MORE)