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What is techies 3?

nobody knows when it says example .... moshling 1 moshling 2 moshling 3 i means theat they havent came out yet.
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How do you get techies?

you need to be a member and be a super moshi and get it on one of your missions

How do you get all of the techies?

The only techie out is Whirley...... you can get him by being a member and doing the 2nd super moshi mission....... i do not know how to complete it since i am not a member. I (MORE)

How do you get the techies on moshimonsters?

To get 'wurley' on moshi you need to be a member, if you are not a member i do not know another way, sorry. but if you are a member go to the super moshi lair and click on the (MORE)
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Who are the other techies?

The other Techies are called Nipper, Gabby and Holga you can get Holga on the 5th moshi mission which was out on the 29th June 2011 Please add me with the new code for Blingo (MORE)