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Uses of technetium?

Its short-lived gamma ray-emitting nuclear isomer-technetium-99m-is used in nuclear medicine for a wide variety of diagnostic tests.
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What is Technetium?

The element technetium is an "artificial" element. This odd metal has no stable isotopes, so any that existed on earth long ago has decayed and vanished. It was created in exp ( Full Answer )
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Why is technetium unstable?

Every form of technetium is radioactive and that makes it unstable.With a periodic table number of 43, it is the lowest number thathas no stable isotopes.
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Where is technetium found?

Technetium-99 has not been found on earth because there are no stable isotopes of Technetium because they are all radioactive. They also have a short half-life and therefore n ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find technetium?

You cannot find technetium by normal means because it cannot befound freely on Earth. There are trace amounts of this syntheticelement in uranium, but most samples are found i ( Full Answer )
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How is Technetium used?

Technetium is used in two main ways. The first is as a corrosion prohibitor. Little bits of it are added to steel during production. The second is in nuclear medicine as a ra ( Full Answer )
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Is technetium reactive?

Having a Pauling electronegativity of 1,9 technetium is considereda medium chemically reactive element. Technetium react with oxygen, halogens, oxygen, sulfur, selenium,tellur ( Full Answer )
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How dangerous is technetium?

Technetium is not really dangerous. Since doctors will often use Technetium 99 as a radioactive tracer. It may be radioactive but its decay is slow and will produce a minute a ( Full Answer )
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What can technetium react with?

Technetium react with oxygen, halogens, oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, boron, carbon etc. and can form alloys with metals. Technetium is dissolved in inorganic acids e ( Full Answer )
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Does technetium have an odor?

Probably not. It is a rather inert metal, and naturally exists only in tiny quantities. All technetium is radioactive, so people do not attempt to smell it or taste for reason ( Full Answer )