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What are the techniques of kissing?

To my knowledge there are really only three main techniques of  romantic kissing.   First you have the closed mouth kiss. This is  where most people start. You just lean (MORE)
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What is a 5w technique?

The technigue is: well you have the Who, what,where,when and why. What you do is you just organize it. So let's say my topic is Michael Jackson. I would have to fill it out us (MORE)
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What is PCR techniques?

It occurs in three steps: Denature (94oC): this step break the hydrogen bond, and separates the double strand. Annealing (55-60oC): this step allows the binding of primers (MORE)

What is the technique for leucophoresis?

  leucapheresis - blood is withdrawn through a vein and passed through a cell separator machine. white cells are removed and the rest of the blood is returned to the patie (MORE)

What are techniques of vouching?

Techniques of vouching   1. Arranged Vouchers 2. Amount in Words 3. Authority 4. Agreements 5. Correct Account 6. Changes in vouchers 7. Mortgage Voucher 8. (MORE)
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What is a separation technique?

A separation technique is something used to separate an object from it's mixture. For example, in a bowl you have chalk, chalk dust, salt, and paperclips. You'd use magnetic a (MORE)

What is bag technique?

  It the proper way of using the OB Clinical set in Nursing education. The proper handling of this bag and its proper maintainance for its content.   It is the proper w (MORE)
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What is SUDOKU techniques?

Here are basic ones: attempt to fill in the ones, twos, threes, and so on focus on each box, row or column seperately use process of elimination
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What are hashing techniques?

Hashing technique is the very efficient method in the searching to the exact data item in a very short time. Hashing is the process in which we place the each and evey data (MORE)

What are plot techniques?

"Technique" means how things are done or the way you do them. Plot techniques are just the way you make your story work. Some examples of plot techniques include foreshadowing (MORE)