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What are variation technique?

There are many ways composers use variations on a melody. A few of the most common ones are to change the accompanying chords, place the melody in a lower register with anothe (MORE)
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What are AQQS techniques?

A- andedote ia a brief entertaining account of an incident or a event. q- question that focuses the reader's attencion on the subject of the writing. q-quote is a line of dial (MORE)

What is AIDA technique?

AIDA is an acronym used in marketing when a person is selling a product or service. A- Awareness: To attract the attention of the customer. I - Interest: To raise customer in (MORE)
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What is cinematic technique?

  hey i hope this helps     Cinematic techniques are methods employed by film makers to communicate meaning, entertain, and to produce a particular emotional o (MORE)

What is Optimization techniques?

3 types of Optimization techniques are : 1.On page Optimization your website should be seo optimiz Title should be 60 cht dec shlould be 158 cht put alt tags on image (MORE)

What are the foiling techniques?

To develop a character foil, many parallels are drawn between the character and his/her foil. These mostly include similarities. However, to establish the foil, the characters (MORE)
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What is technique in arni's?

fighting arts in triangle! actually its not Arni's,,,,its ARNIS.. arnis is the Philippine national sport!
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What are Techniques of football?

International football, or soccer, techniques depend on position  and the objectives of individual plays. Football field men and  women must have healthy runners form to avo (MORE)

What is the farming techniques?

There are many different farming techniques. Most farmers rotate  their crops from year to year so the nutrients in the soil do not  get depleted. Some farmers also plant tw (MORE)

What is the tortoise technique?

this is the formula used by Laurie on the show Trading Spaces: Base Color: Latex Satin Finish Paint - Laurie used a Cream color Paint 2 coats base color - let dry completely (MORE)